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Frequently Asked Questions

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Decoding Durable

At CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics, we take pride in curating a collection of durable fabrics that are used in everything from everyday casual wear to durable military gear. We specialize in crafting high-tenacity nylon 6,6 multi-filament fiber known for resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs. We don't simply manufacture fabrics, we pioneer technology and set the specifications that define durability. Our authorized mill partners bring our vision to life, weaving fabrics that empower an extensive array of products.

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Ordering Fabrics

  1. Does CORDURA® make fabrics?
    • No. As an ingredient Brand, CORDURA®  works with certified mill partners globally and supplies fibers to create durable, abrasion resistant fabrics to its partners.
  2. How do I order your fabrics? How do I obtain pricing & MOQ?
    • You can access our collection of 850+ certified fabrics on the CORDURA® Fabric Finder on MyCORDURA. From there, you can request samples and reach out to the mill for additional details on pricing and minimum order quantities (MOQ).

Fabric Certification

  1. What are the CORDURA® Brand Quality Standards (BQS)?
    • These standards ensure that fabrics meet the durability and high-performance requirements necessary for promotion under the CORDURA® trademark, while also providing a framework for innovating high-performance fabrics.
  2. How do I certify my fabrics?
    • An active trademark licensing agreement is needed to submit fabric certifications for brand approval. Please reach out to your account coordinator below for more information.
    • To certify your fabrics, ensure you have access to MyCORDURA and log in. Gather fabric and yarn/fiber details beforehand, and have any relevant certifications and internal supporting test documents ready for upload. Utilize the 'required' comments section for any additional information during the certification process. Click the link below for step-by-step instructions. 
  3. How long does the certification process take?
    • Fabric testing and review is expected to take 15-20 working days after receipt of the fabric samples at the specified testing lab. Please be aware that this estimate may vary based on testing volumes at different times of year and in different locations.
  4. How will I be informed if my fabric meets the requirements for CORDURA® branding?
    • A notice of approval (NOA) will be emailed to you once the approval process is complete and your fabric is deemed to meet requirements for CORDURA® branding.
  5. What are the benefits of certification?
    • Certifying your fabrics with CORDURA® opens opportunities for promotion through the CORDURA® Fabric Finder (CFF). This platform allows designers and brands to access a comprehensive portfolio of certified fabrics, promoting your products through stunning professional photography, detailed specifications, facilitating customer sampling, and the ability to utilize CORDURA® hangtags and sew-in labels. It's a strategic way to enhance visibility and connect with potential clients and collaborators. Learn more by clicking the link below. 

Marketing & Branding

  1. How do I order hangtags & sew-in labels for my products?
    • Log into MyCORDURA and select "Request Hangtags" from the menu. Make sure to fill out all required information. Click the button below to browse the entire catalog of hangtags and sew-in labels we offer. 
  2. Can I create custom hangtags with the CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics logo?
    • Log into MyCORDURA and select "On-Product Branding" from the menu. After filling out the required information, our team will review your submission within 7 business days. This does require an active trademark licensing agreement.
  3. How can I use the CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics logo?
    • You must have an active trademark licensing agreement to utilize our logos. Please reach out to your account coordinator below for more information.
  4. What is a Trademark Licensing Agreement (TMLA)?
    • A trademark licensing agreement (TMLA) is a vital contract that CORDURA® requires its partners to sign to safeguard our trademark. This agreement grants authorized partners the right to utilize the CORDURA® trademark for a specified timeframe and purpose while ensuring adherence to quality standards.
  5. How do I start the TMLA process?
    • Please contact your designated account coordinator below. 

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