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The CORDURA® brand is legendary when it comes to performance-oriented fabric technology. Strong, versatile, reliable, and long lasting. CORDURA® certified fabrics are top-of-mind for some of the world’s most trusted brands. Now designers can have direct access to the CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics portfolio.

Hundreds of fabric options at designers’ fingertips. Textures and styles that are perfect for every creation. Designers can save time while being part of a sustainable experience.

Visually pleasing photography brings the fabric to life like never before. With a few clicks, designers can narrow down to the optimum styles for their creations. Once a designer has narrowed down their options to find the optimal fabric choice, we will connect them with an authorized mill partner.

CORDURA® Fabric Finder will allow creativity to flow by providing inspiration in a showcase of new and trending fabrics in addition to your favorite certified CORDURA® fabrics.

How to Gain Access:
To gain access to our private, easy-to-use fabric finder, you must be an established brand or retailer working as a designer, buyer, or in material sourcing. Access is granted if you include:

  • Your name
  • Your email address with your company name in the domain
  • Your company has an established, fully functioning website
  • Your company is already in our database

If you do not already have a MyCORDURA account, please click

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